I am a Clown

Meet me and my friends in Nft

Meet the clownparade ! 

Hello My name is Judith Blom Babel. I am better known as Clown Juju. I am Dutch kidsclown , performer facepainter,  balloonfolder, entreponeur.  Iamaclown is an expression in nft started in lockdown period. With NFTs i hope to start a DAO for projects for homeless kids around the world.  


Januari 2022 - start promotion of iamaclown

februari 2022 ; -Mint NfT's and launch on Magic Eden

March 2022 : Open Dao and start contest for 1st goal.

April 2022 : Launch clowns nr 1000 - 2000

About clownparade:

The clownparade is an 8bit NFT line. I started with 8 bit cause its funny and its  easygoing and remind me how kids draw pictures.  Some clowns i made pretty fast while others took me longer. The clownparades shows clowns in everyday life. Each NFT comes with an unique text.  The word Clown is part of the nft. I chose not to work with a standard format because i like the vividness .. Some clowns are only with face , others with accesorys and busy doing something. None of the clowns are meant to be scarry because i am a great oppositer of scarry clowns.